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Dog Behavior

Sometimes our dog's behaviors can be a little annoying. There are some things that just can't be helped. Dog owners, like family members, have to learn to accept some things that bother us.

But when your dog exhibits destructive or dangerous behavior, it's time to get to work. 

I've addressed a number of issues in my Dog Behavior section that might be helpful to you and your small dog.

Let me know if your dogs particular problem isn't covered and I'll be happy to research it for you.

Small Dog Social!

Give that big personality some time in the spotlight!

You know your small dog is just dying for a chance to tell us what's on it's mind.

If you've got a little "boss" around the house, let us know what their favorite things are. Oh, and of course, their not so favorite things too. We know there are plenty of those! Like not enough prime rib, pillow is too hard, etc.

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