A Little History

 Pomeranians are one of the most beloved small dog breeds today. This sweet dog originated as an Icelandic sled dog, descended from the German Spitz, which gives the Pomeranian it's luxurious double coat.

This breed received its name from the region of Pomerania located between eastern Germany and north western Poland.  This region is credited for breeding the Pom down to the size we recognize today. Many parts of the world refer to the Pom dog as Zwergspitz, meaning “Dwarf-Spitz".

The Pomeranian became popular in the 18th century when the aristocracy, including Queen Victoria, began to collect them. History tells that the Queen had a very small Pomeranian. The general population were anxious to imitate the Queen and quickly began to breed the adorable little dog.

Queen Victoria requested the presence of her favorite pet, (a Pomeranian named Turi, pictured below), on her death bed. Turi lay by the Queen’s side even to her last breath.   


The Pomeranian is a joyous dog that loves to play the clown. Poms are always up for a game of gentle wrestling, chasing, or exploring. They are fiercely loyal to whomever they perceive to be their pack leader and become very attached. Your puppy will bond with you deeply and will expect you to do the same! You may hear about it if your dog feels neglected! Pomeranians will work to get you to pay attention.

If you have children, make sure they're old enough to understand that your Pomeranian is mighty, but tiny. They will join in a game of running with the kids, but may get upset if they think there is to much rough-housing.

The Pomeranian is generally extremely outgoing. They like the outdoors and can withstand colder conditions than a smooth coated dog. But their small body size means they cannot withstand long exposure to either extreme cold or heat.

Pomeranian's have a lot to say about their surroundings. They'll let you know if anyone is coming, man or beast. They will complain if anyone tries to separate them from you!

This cheerful little dog will benefit from gentle, consistent training. You should start your puppy out immediately with potty and bark training. 

But if you like having a smiling face around, you'll love your Pomeranian!!

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