Dog Behavior

You are probably aware that dog behavior is greatly influenced by the purpose of the breed.

Most of us decide on the type of dog we like by the way it looks, not by the behavior it is bred to have.

We all have our favorites, right?

The sleek racey look of the Italian Greyhound, or the perky face of the Yorkshire Terrier, one or the other small dog is bound to steal your heart!

Maybe it's those big eyes or perky little ears. But who cares? Small dogs are just cute!

When it comes to dog behavior, what's in a pretty face?? It's what we call, PERSONALITY, and small dogs have lots of it.

Are You My Type??

There are some small dog breeds whose in-bred dog behavior is mostly to sit on your lap, and many small dog breeds are meant to do just that. But if that's the kind of dog you're looking for, you probably won't want a Toy Fox Terrier.

What's the point? Well, when you chose a dog, make sure you know what group it belongs to.

Group???? "What group", you say??

Okay, you know....the hound group, terrier group, non-sporting group.....those groups. You will notice that in dog shows, the dogs are grouped into types or groups.

In the show ring, a dog is judged according to the type of dog it is. They are judged on their looks, yes, but in a different way than you and I would judge them.

Your dog is "built" to perform a job or provide a service. The anatomy of the dog is very carefully bred into it until the bloodline produces the perfect design to perform what ever it is the dog is meant to do.

The dog's characteristics help the dog do it's specific job with ease. It's body and mind are like a well built machine programmed for specific dog behaviors like chasing, digging, or rounding up cattle. 

A carefully bred dog is judged by how well they portray the  definition of that breed, in body and mind.

Some dog shows are actually dog trials. These are when the dog has the chance to show what he was born for. Herding trials are a good example of this type of judging as are ground trials, when a terrier is tested on it's ability to "ground", or flush out the prey burrowed into the ground.

Love Me for Who I Am

So if you have a little Border Collie, (herding dog), you can assume it will want to herd the children when they run and play.

And you shouldn't be surprised if your terrier, (grounder), decides that your plants need a little re-arranging. 

It's important to know the behaviors that have been bred into your favorite dog for the last few centuries. Ask yourself, what was this type of dog born to do?

That way, you'll know the reasons for some of it's behaviors, and perhaps, be more prepared to accommodate your new best friends personality quirks.

Do you know your dogs type??

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