The lovable attributes of the Pug make it one of the most popular dogs in history. And it's history is very long.

Though scholars cannot pinpoint the origins of the breed, it is generally accepted that it originated in the Orient, where it was called the "Foo-dog" or Fu.

It is said that two dogs were captured at the Chinese Emperors castle during a siege. These animals are thought to be the beginning of the Pugs' spread throughout the world. 

The dog was then imported to Holland and Russia where the breed became very popular. He eventually made it to England where, in 1882, the first British Pug Dog Club was established. This club is still active, as is the American Kennel Club's registration of the breed, (1885).

Contrary to what may be believed by his looks, the pug is not a bulldog. He is a breed that is much older than the bulldog. He is not a terrier type, as so many of the dogs in the Toy group are. Rather he is a Mastiff type.

These mastiff type dogs were smooth coated, powerful dogs with drooping lips. The word mastiff is derived from the latin word meaning "mixed". Hundreds of years ago these Mastiff type dogs, recognized by the above characteristics, were large mongrels used for guarding. 

The Pug, originating from this type of dog. He has the smooth coat, powerful body, and facial characteristics of the Mastiff type, but was bred, over the centuries, to be very small.

Our ancestors adored the Pug-Dog, and he has changed very little over the centuries. This beloved dog can be recognized, as he is today, in paintings and sculptures that are 100's of years old.

The Pug Personality

It is no wonder the Pug has enjoyed so much popularity. He is the picture of devotion!

This little dog is sturdy and courageous. He will defend himself even if there is no chance of winning. He is always the first to tell you if someone is coming and whether it is friend or foe.

But this little muscle man is one of the friendliest dogs around. He is patient and non-aggressive. He is happy to frolic outdoors or snuggle with you on the couch. He is swift on his feet, but will be just as happy playing a game of wrestling in the grass.

This outgoing dog is a true blue companion who will listen attentively to you. But he does have a stubborn streak. Maybe he is having to much fun outside so pretends not to hear you call. Or if he wants to be carried inside when you call him, he may sit and look at you with his big eyes, asking you to pick him up.

This dog is a roly poly bundle of love for young and old alike. He makes a really good therapy dog because he makes people smile and laugh and is not nervous or yappy.

This is a good breed for apartments and large acreage. His adaptability makes him a great dog for many lifestyles. He is at home going for a walk down city streets or country lanes. And he is as happy playing with the children as he is nestled in your arms.

If you're looking for a small, fun loving dog then consider this muscular little fellow. His bright cheerful outlook on life could rub off on you. He thrives on love and attention and he is not one to be shut off from his human companions, if he is, he will lose his spirit.

This dog is very clean, and odor free. He does not drool. His coat is short and glossy, and it sheds very little. His body is easily cleaned with a good rub down, but his face may need a little extra attention.

The characteristic facial wrinkles need to be cleaned gently with a wet cloth to avoid any infection or fungal growth. A quick swipe with a Q-tip and a little vaseline will help to keep the skin in the wrinkles soft and supple. 

This little clown will keep you entertained with his funny antics, and if you need a hug, this dog is your go to friend that never fails you. He is proud and even-tempered, with an outgoing, loving disposition.


Body: Short and muscular.

Symmetry should be very square, not leggy or long in the body.

The chest should be wide but the legs should be well under and not bowed out.

The hock should be very well muscled and straight. His legs should not be bowed.

The tail should curl tightly over the hip, the tighter the curl the better. A double curl is said to be perfection.

Head: Should be apple headed, with a heavy massive look to it. There should be no indentations in the skull. Wrinkles should be deep and large.

Mask: Dark and distinctive,

Eyes: Large, round and lustrous. Expression is friendly and open, but when excited his eyes should be full of fire.

Ears: Soft and velvety to the touch. The skin is thin and soft. Button ears are preferred.

He should weigh 14-18 pounds (male or female).

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